WimbleDOOM: Game, Set, MASSACRE!
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WimbleDOOM: Game, Set, MASSACRE! társasjáték

társasjáték, 2018

A WimbleDOOM: Game, Set, MASSACRE! egy remek társasjáték, 2 játékos részére, az átlagos játékidő rövid, csak 15 - 30 perc. A társast, 13 éves kortól ajánljuk kipróbálni. A játékmenet erősen épít a pakli tervezés, a kockadobás és a pakli építés mechanizmusokra.

WimbleDOOM - Game, Set, MASSACRE! is a fantasy tennis dice & card game set in the world of Iotilas where races from different continent come together yearly to compete for a...

A WimbleDOOM: Game, Set, MASSACRE! egy remek társasjáték, 2 játékos részére, az átlagos játékidő rövid, csak 15 - 30 perc. A társast, 13 éves kortól ajánljuk kipróbálni. A játékmenet erősen épít a pakli tervezés, a kockadobás és a pakli építés mechanizmusokra.

Angol leírás

WimbleDOOM - Game, Set, MASSACRE! is a fantasy tennis dice & card game set in the world of Iotilas where races from different continent come together yearly to compete for a deadly & gruesome tennis match. This game is inspired by the tennis rules in our world and a simplified scoring system to keep the game tight & exciting.

Age: 13+
Players: 2 players
Duration: 15-30min per game

This game is designed to visualize the weird fantasy world we have in our mind where fantasy races such as Orcs, Elves & other fascinating races competing in a dangerous Tennis match where brutality meet sportsmanship.

Each race will need more than Brute Force, Magic, Blessing & Luck to win the glory of the tennis champion and bring pride to their race.

Game Setup:

1. Winners are determined in a 'Best of 4 rounds' format. Each round, player compete to score 1 point before the other side does the same.

2. Both players select their Athlete card & their respective tactics card deck

3. Both Player shuffle their Tactics Deck and place it at the right side of their Athlete card.

4. Each player take Stamina token based on the max stamina on their Athlete Card, which is on their Athlete cards.

6. Both players take 2 dice and place it on the right side of their Tactics Deck.

7. Place the Tennis Court Tile on either side of the playing field side and place 1 ball token on it.

8. Place the Score Token one side to easily give out when a player scores a point

9. Both players roll a dice. The player that rolls a bigger value will serve in the first round. In the following rounds after, service is then alternated to the opposing team and back again.

The Round Order

Gruesome Tennis is played over a series of rounds. Each round is divided into 3 phases that must be resolved in order:
1. Service Phase

2. Rally Phase
3. Recovery Phase

Service Phase

During the Service Phase, the first player will kick-start the game by serving the ball to their opponent’s court but before that, resolve the following steps in order.

1. Athlete Service Position:
On your athlete card, check the top right corner which indicates your athlete service position. Then place the ball token on the tennis court tile according to your athlete’s service position.

Note: Each athlete's’ service position may differ.

2. Serve (Roll Dice):
After you have positioned the ball token on the tennis court tile, you may begin to serve by rolling the dice(s). First, identify the number of eligible dice(s) located on the top right corner of your athlete card; indicated by the numerical figure. Now you’re ready to roll!

Note: Each athletes’ service dice(s) may differ.

3. Successful Serve:
Your service is only considered successful if you roll a total dice value that can land the ball token into opponent’s court

Unsuccessful Serve:
On service phase, you might roll onto an unfortunate dice value that may serve the ball out of the court or hitting the net, fear not, just re-roll your dice(s) again, any unsuccessful serve on service phase will not be counted.

4. Move the Ball Token:
Now move the ball token towards your opponent’s court by the number of squares indicated by the dices roll and we will enter into the rally phase where the fun of tennis happen.

Rally Phase

During the rally phase, you and your opponents will counter each other’s return consecutively using Return and Tactic cards, till a player failed to return the ball to opponent’s court. Each turn, you may choose to do a Return roll by spending stamina, Tactic card or a combination of both, however, rules apply as follow.

Return Roll:
When your opponent serves/return the ball to your court, you can do a return roll to return the ball back to your opponent. To play a Return roll, here’s what you need to know.

1. Number of Dices:
The number of dices you wish to roll for your return. You need to calculate the probability in your mind if is more worth it to use 1 die or 2 dices to return the ball based on the current ball position.

2. Stamina Cost:
For each dice(s) you wish to roll, you will spend 1 stamina token to roll for your return.

3. Total Return Value:
After you roll, the total values from your dice results will be your total return value.

Once you have decided on how many dice(s) to roll, spent the number of stamina token you have to perform the return. Now you can roll the dice(s) and see where your ball lands!

The following scenario will deem your return as a failed return and you will lose a point if you don't use your tactics card to salvage it.

  • Your Total Return Value will land the ball within your own court
  • The ball land on NET during your return
  • Your dice roll for return land on OUT or value greater than the number of squares available on the court tile.

Tactic Cards:

These cards can be played with your Return Roll to increase your chances of landing the ball into your opponent’s court and some tactics card can be used prevent the opponent from doing a successful return or even burn out your opponent’s stamina as well. To play a Tactic, here are some things you should know.

1. Race:
By looking at the insignia on the bottom right corner, it allows the player to differentiate the tactics card for each race easily.

2. Tactic Name:
The name of the tactic is located on top of the card.

3. Condition Symbol:
There are 5 different symbols that can be seen in the Tactic cards, and each symbol signifies different condition to play this card. This symbol can be found on the top-left corner of the card.

4. Pay a cost:
Most of the Tactic cards cost stamina to play.

5. Tactic Description:
A short description of the card’s ability.

6. Image:
Illustrated on the midsection of the card shows a visualization card’s tactic or ability.

Here are the 5 Condition that can be seen across the different tactic card.

1. Can only be played on opponent’s turn.

2. Can be played either on your turn or opponent’s turn.

3. Can only be played after a return roll.

4. Can be played as a return instead of doing a Return roll.

5. Can only be played during the recovery phase.

Recovery Phase

During the recovery phase, you are required to resolve the following steps in order, before moving onto a new round.

1. Using Tactic Card:
The tactic card that can only be played during this phase can be played now to help you recover more stamina & affect your opponent’s recovery. More stamina also means more chances & more tactics options. Tactics need to be played before proceeding to the next steps of the recovery phase.

2. Recover:
Recover your athlete’s stamina based on the fixed regeneration stated on your Athlete's card. Take the exact number of stamina tokens from your discarded stamina token pool as indicated on your Athlete's card.

3. Discard Cards:
You can discard up to 2 cards during this phase. Discarding of cards need to happen before you start drawing new cards.

4. Draw Cards:
Before the start of a new round, all players are required to hold 5 cards on hand. You can draw any amount of tactic card as long as the total number of cards on hand does not exceed 5.

Pass Service Player Token: Now the Service Player token will be passed to your opponent to signify that this round they will serve the ball.

Start of a new round
Now that you have resolved all the 3 phases, you will begin a new round starting with the service phase again.

The game will end once the a player won 4 points.

Kategória: Kártyajáték, Fantasy, Kockajáték, Sport
Mechanizmus: Pakli tervezés, Kockadobás, Pakli építés



Már ketten is játszható! Remek kikapcsolódás lehet pároknak is!


Rövid játékidő! Ha csak gyors játékra vágysz a munka után, akkor ez a neked való!


Mágia, kard, harc, lovagok, papok és minden, ami egy jó fantasy-hez tartozik!

WimbleDOOM: Game, Set, MASSACRE! társasjáték vásárlása, árak és üzletek

Jelenleg egyik üzletben sem kapható a játék! Állíts be egy árufigyelést, hogy értesülj, amikor újra kapható lesz a boltokban!


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  • Játékidő:  15 - 30 perc
  • Játékosok:  2
  • Ajánlott életkor:  13+
  • Tervező:  Marcus Eng Zhao Wei
  • Kiadók:  Gasp Gasp Entertainment
  • Elérhető nyelvek:  angol


  • English edition
    • Kiadás éve: 2018
    • Nyelv: angol
    • Méretek: 9.4 cm x 11.9 cm x 2 cm

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